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Nameplates, Property Control Tags, Variable Printing, Numbering, and Bar Codes

Our nameplates are the choice of manufacturers, utilities and defense contractors.  When it's critical that your name, serial number, instructions or warnings stand up in the most  hostile environments our nameplates weather the storm.  Available with mounting holes or adhesive backing.  Materials include aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and lexan.
Our property control tags are manufactured on a variety of durable materials including anodized aluminum, mylar and stainless steel.  Your logo and other information can be silk screened or chemically etched into the material surface.  Asset tags are available with and without consecutive numbering.

Nameplates, Property Control Tags, Bar Code Labels and Tags



We have the experience to provide you with a wide range of bar coded and numbered products (including jumbo numbering).  We can bar code and number most of our products.
Variable Printing   
Bar Code Stickers

Property Control
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