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Custom Printed Labels

Since 1987, Boston Tag & Label has been a specialist in custom printed labels. We know that when every aspect from design, to print, to adhesive is effectively built into our labels they perform their task of selling, instructing or sealing to perfection.
Our custom printed labels -- whether for product identification or as coupons, bar code identifiers, tamper seals, clear or foil primary labels, nutritional or secondary labels, or some other specific labeling purpose -- must perform without compromise. And, they do!
Boston Tag & Label focuses specifically on custom printed labels, so our material inventory is extensive which includes:
• high gloss papers
• semi gloss papers
• various matte finish papers
• latex impregnated paper
• laser stocks
• fluorescent materials
• matte and shiny finish silver foil and gold foil
• thermal and thermal transfer materials
• clear mylar and metalized chrome mylar (polyester)
• vinyl label materials
• polypropylenes - clear, white, and metalized
• white and clear polystyrenes
• destructible vinyls
• up to 10 guage semi-rigid PVC
• static clings
• various thicknesses of tag stocks (pressure sensitive or without adhesive)
• many film lamination materials -- also ultra violet coatings
• PPFP pouching materials
• double-sided adhesives
• piggyback materials